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Do you want to swallow a load I Am Look For Cock

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Do you want to swallow a load

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I am waiting for a girl that is athletic in build, and easy to get along with. I like to camp, fish, ride. Its so much hotter when ssallow both have a secret and someone to lose In the relationshipwaiting for some fun.

Age: 31
Relationship Status: Actively looking
Seeking: Wants Sexy Meeting
City: Embarcadero, Tisdale, University of North Texas
Hair: Violet
Relation Type: Newly Single Looking For Fun

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No one is making you swallow cum, so you do you!

If he finishes somewhere on himself, you can still swallow it! You can then open your mouth to show him his load before swallowing it. Then, you can lick up his cum and swallow.

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Other guys report that they love the note of acceptance in the moment, the fact that you are taking a part of them deep inside you. I say do what you love to do. I Love It! If you want to amp it up, when he ejaculates in your mouth you can play around with it.

Why do guys want a lover to swallow?

The options are really endless, it just depends on what turns you and him on. It makes the experience more sensual and naughty. I used to be a spitter, that was until I realized it was just easier for me to swallow. And then other guys aren't into seeing their partners swallow at all. Maybe you like the idea of swallowing his load too; many women do.

That way, you avoid the taste and texture of it. Some guys just have that smell, but you should know, he can change that. You can even amp it up by dirty talking while playing or swallowing it. Warning a partner of impending ejaculation can sometimes inhibit their orgasm or slow it down. So yes, swallowing cum is a healthy thing to do even for pregnant women!

Expect another round after he sees loxd doing that. Instead, he should be eating more fruits and vegetables. Other guys just want their partner to do exactly what makes them feel most comfortable, swallow or not. Do little by little and then you can take on a full batch of cum.

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Get tested. Click through to see the best naked dresses of all time. The facial swallow is pretty intense. You are so attracted to them that you choose to ingest them as opposed to spitting or avoiding. Make sure that he knows this. Holding his dick while he does it will help you to direct where he cums on your face and prevent him from hitting you in the eye. After he blows his load over your face, use your fingers to scoop up all his cum from your face and then drop it into your mouth.

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Liked what you just read? How to swallow cum Personally, I find swallowing an easier and sexier way of dealing with cum. Jennifer Lopez, above, bared her famous curves in a custom Wqnt Versace illusion gown. If he ignores this, you should reconsider if sex with this person is a wise decision. If you love to swallow, then so be it.

Many women have found that if their man has been eating something like asparagus, artichokes or anything greasy it will taste a lot nastier than usual. I get sqallow, ladies, some guys have very strong tasting cum which is something that once enters your mouth, scars you forever. If you want to be even kinkier, you can open your mouth and use your fingers to play with it.

Few women do this and I commend them for it. I mean, is that even environmentally friendly?

Real talk: do i have to swallow if i'm giving head?

Breaking news, relationship updates, hairstyle inspo, fashion trends, and more direct to your inbox! The act of swallowing itself may feel good to him. However, if your boyfriend has been drinking a lot of fruit juice or eating a lot of sweet fruit a few hours before you go down on him, it will taste quite sweet and will make it much easier to swallow.

And finally, some men say they feel like a partner who swallows is an eager partner who loves oral sex, and that excites them. Once you have all his cum in your mouth, swallow it and let out a satisfied sigh. Some women can also have an allergy to seminal fluid[ 6 ], in which case swallowing his cum should be avoided altogether. While they may not always make the best-dressed list, they do require a certain breed of celebrity to pull off.


The girl rocked a completely sheer dress without a bra — and later remarked that her only regret was not wearing liad bedazzled thong to match. The important thing is that you want to make sure it hits the back of your throat. Now, maybe you really want to swallow but the smell of his cum is just too much, I get it.

Know your risks. Allow your husband to finish by giving you a facial. Why do guys want a lover to swallow?

You do what makes you feel comfortable. Swallowing is pretty easy.

How to swallow cum with ease – 5 simple steps

Instead, he can finish somewhere else, like your face, your breasts, on his stomach, etc. The flip side of this want is that some guys will actually feel rejected or somehow gross in your eyes when you avoid their ejaculate. In fact, a study found that Or you can swirl it around your mouth, so it looks like you are savoring the taste before gulping it down. You may be in a relationship with a guy who wants you to swallow his load while you may not want to do it at all.